The Round

The round officially starts and finishes at Glen Nevis Youth Hostel.

The original traveling direction was anticlockwise in keeping with the direction choice of Philip Tranter on his round in 1964

Contenders can complete Ramsay’s Round by traveling either clockwise or anticlockwise, provided they start and finish at Glen Nevis Youth Hostel.

View of the Youth Hostel

The Mamores: 11

The Mamores
1 Mullach nan Coirean 3,077
2 Stob Ban 3,250
Mamore Ridges
3 Sgurr a Mhaim 3,601
East Mamores looking South
4 Sgorr an Lubhair:
Lost its Munro status in 1997.
Sgorr an Lubhair
5 Am Bodach 3,382
C M D Arete
6 Stob Coire a Chairn 3,219
7 An Gearanach 3,200
8 Na Gruagaichean 3,442
9 Binnein Mor 3,700
Binnein Mor
10 Binnein Beag 3,083
11 Sgurr Eilde Mor 3,277

The Munros surrounding Loch Treig: 5

1 Beinn na Lap 3,066
2 Chno Dearg 3,433
3 Stob Choire Sgriodain 3,211
Munros surrounding Loch Treig
4 Stob a Choire Mheadhion 3,610
5 Stob Coire Easain 3,650

The Grey Corries: 4

1 Stob Ban 3,217
2 Stob Choire Claurigh 3,858
The Grey Corries
3 Stob Coire an Laoigh 3,650
4 Sgurr Choinnich Mor 3,603

The Aonachs: 2

1 Aonach Beag 4,060
2 Aonach Mor 3,999
Aonach Beag and Aonach Mor

Carn Mor Dearg: 1

Carn Mor Dearg 4,012
Carn Mor Dearg
On the Aret Eastbound

Ben Nevis: 1

Ben Nevis 4,406
View of Ben Nevis Summit


The lines and direction of travel shown for Martin Stone and Adrian Belton may not be fully correct.

These will be updated once full clarification of both of lines and direction of travel are available and confirmed.

Map of Ramsay's Round showing alternative routes