Support Points

The route and support points

Route choice: Clockwise/Anticlockwise

Anticlockwise was the original route choice culminating on Ben Nevis, but that is definitely the more difficult finish.

Clockwise is the by far the more preferred choice with most successful contenders favouring that option.

The choice is entirely that of the contender.

The Route

The route should be divided into reasonable manageable sections, with each section carefully managed by a selected support person who is comfortable and responsible for their section and all that it embraces.


The following descriptions are suitable for either clockwise or anticlockwise contenders.
They are listed in anticlockwise order.

Support Point 1

Loch Eilde Mor

Loch Eilde Mor
Changeover at Loch Eilde Mor

At the west side of east side Loch Eilde Mor which can be accessed from the B863 at Kinlochleven from the road leading to the Mamore Lodge Hotel. At the hotel you can leave your car and continue on foot using the well-defined track leading to the lochan.

This location is ideal for contenders coming off the Mamores before following the track and valley section leading to Loch Treig.

Approx. distance by road from the start to the car park at Mamore Lodge Hotel: 20 miles, with a further 4 miles on foot from the Hotel to the Lochan.
Mamore Lodge Hotel Car Park

Please be aware that the Mamore Lodge is now closed and that a gate is now located at the bottom of the hill leading to it.

This gate may be locked at times, restricting access to or exit from the lodge car park.

Support teams should be mindful that this restriction will necessitate car parking at the foot of the hill and an additional 2k walk/run/cycle to the lodge car park.

Fersit Dam support point

Support Point 2

Fersit Dam at the North end of Loch Treig is the ½ way point.
Accessed from the A86 (A82) north bound from Fort William follow the narrow road leading to Fersit and continue on foot approx 1 mile to the Dam head.
Fersit Dam support point
This location is ideal for contenders descending off Stob Coire Sgriodain before ascending onto Stob a Chorie Mheadhoin.

Support changeover at Fersit
Support changeover at Fersit.

Approx. distance by road from the start/finish to Fersit Dam head: 25 miles.
















Bealach support point

Support Point 3

The Bealach between the Aonachs and Carn Mor Dearg
This location is ideal for contenders coming off the Aonachs before starting the ascent onto Carn Mor Dearg leading to the arrret and ultimately onto the summit of Ben Nevis.
Bealach support point
From the Start/Finish: Proceed to the car park at the top of Glen Nevis, continue on foot through the Nevis Gorge to the wooden bridge at the Steall ruin.
Bealach support point
From there leave the trail and follow the burn northwards to the stone wall at the bealach, which links the Aonachs with Carn Mor Dearg.
Approx. distance from the Start/Finish to the car park at Nevis Gorge: 4 miles.
Approx. time from the Start/Finish to the car park at Nevis Gorge: 1 hour.
Approx. time from the car park at Nevis Gorge to the bealach: 2 hours.





Support point supplies

Support supplies

The support sacks with the necessary support items for both the contenders and their pacers.